Caveat is not a medical site. It is an academic site researched by a carer of a family member who suffered from dementia carer, who wishes to offer you a slightly more than a general understanding of the different dementia types, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

Please do not consider it as your only source of specific information if you, a loved one or friend are dealing with dementia. can be your starting point in helping you ensure that not only does the dementia patient receive best care, but that you learn how to anticipate problems with knowledge and learn - against your  nature on occasion - to protect your own health and wellbeing. is contrived so as to present you with information that will help you understand questions you will need to ask doctors and clinicians about loved ones or friends who are suffering from dementia. is a website that contains lessons and experiences of someone who was a dementia carer for almost five years and a carer for many years before that.

Dementia in all its forms is a very serious illness that affects not only the patient but can have a devastating effect on the carer. It is important for the dementia caregiver to be able to ask specific questions and to be able to understand the answers.

The role of the family or friend carer is vital in the treatment of the dementia patient as the disease progresses. Do  not underestimate your input. You are probably the best expert to hand in the personality and history of the dementia patient. You will have insight where clinicians may be foundering. 

Other than information, I can only wish you all the Love that I can muster and encourage you to keep your nerve. This is important advice, I assure you because, most important of all, remember that dementia is a disease that has a very serious impact on everybody involved with the care of the dementia patient. So take care of yourself and, if you can, build a team around yourself.

While the personality and identity may fade, it is my abiding memory and experience that a sense of Love and Attachment remains to the very end.

You will never, ever regret holding the hand of your loved one or friend - even during the worst of times. Keep doing it. This is the anchor of security that cuts straight through the existential isolation of dementia. Sometimes it is all you can do.

It is also Your anchor.

I wish you all the Love and Strength in the World.


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