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Please find a set of links that act as a schematic guide to this website, which I hope you will find of value as you peruse what is available on this website.

I have left many Contact Me forms on this website that I hope you will make use of if you wish to share your stories about what you, your family and friends have experienced - or are experiencing  - supporting and watching a loved one struggling through this , as yet, incurable complex disease. Maze or SitemapMaze or Sitemap?

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Dementia Carer Diary Introduction

Dementia Carer Diary Contents Page 1

Dementia Carer Diary Contents Page 1

Love is the Anchor

Day 1. Just three beautiful, elderly ladies sat together

Day 2. Man with dementia arrested on railway line

Day 3. I'm off to Mexico

Day 4. It's a full moon at the dementia home

Day 5. Headline! Dementia carer has a day off

Day 6. Dementia and Bastards

Day 7. Dementia and the Tummy Conscience

Day 8. The boys are discussing football

Day 9. Mafia contract in a dementia care home

Day 10. Lost in thick mist

Day 11. House of Love

Day 12. Your mother's not well

Day 13. Dementia is making me desperately unwell

Day 14. Buying women's' underwear can be bad for your reputation

Day 15. There's always a bloody clock ticking down to zero

Day 17. Oh Dear! I'm holding a man's hand

Day 18. Four-wheel psychology and a wotsit of hares

Day 19 Never too old to fall in love

Day 20. Purpose, futility & the bastard rabbits eating my garden

Dementia Carer Diary Contents Page 2

Day 21. Oh Bugger! Poor Mam, another UTI

Day 22. A Mad half hour

Day 23. She's gone home to feed the chickens

Day 24. Magic Bullets are only magic for a short while

Day 25. I can't even look after my own money, let alone someone else's

Day 26.Lying is a moral act when done to diminish anxiety and fear

Day 27. I'll kill myself if you don't...



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